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What is Sustainable IoT?

Every IoT Platform needs to be

  • Secure with Latest Updates and Patches

  • Data Format Agnostics for Max Support

  • Communication Protocol Independent

  • Build with Latest Technologies for Max Life

  • 24*7 Support for Development

  • Fully Customizable for Faster Time to Market

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IoT Devices

  • Robust firmware with OTA Updates

  • Max Hardware Protocols Support

  • Quick Integration with Current Infrastructure

  • Industry Ready Hardware Design

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Thingsup Benefits

A Industrial IoT Platform with Customizable Input Data Channels, Data Storage and Analytics Options in Single Package

Build with Node.js

Open-Source, Cross-Platform JavaScript Run-time designed to build scalable network applications.

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Redis Backbone

In-Memory, Key-Value based NoSQL Database Engine for Fast, Scalable and Event Driven Applications.

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Data Independent

Supports JSON, CSV, XML etc. formats. Supports MQTT v3.0, v3.1, TCP, HTTP for Data Ingestion over IPv4 and IPv6.

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Custom Dashboards

Build Custom Dashboards with 50+ Available Widgets or Build your own Widget with custom code.

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3rd Party Integration

Use your self hosted Databases for Storage and Integrate with 3rd Party Tools with exposed HTTP APIs.

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Light Weight

Build with Optimizations, so you can deploy it on Embedded Platforms like Raspberry Pi with Server Class Performance.

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Smart IoT Platform needs Smarter IoT Devices

Integrate Current Infrastructure with IoT Gateway


Sense Real World Parameters with IoT Sensor Nodes

How it works


WIFI | Ethernet | BLE | LTE

Robust Architecture, Ready to Deploy Hardware IoT Solution

Sensor Nodes

Hardware Protocols | Digital | Analog

Ready to use sensing devices with wide range of Hardware Suppport


Case Studies

Variety of Solutions build with Single IoT Platform with Customization

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Cold Chain Transport Monitoring

Real-time Temperature Monitoring of Vehicles for Food and Perishables Goods

  • Real-time Data Insights for Immediate Actions

  • Reports for Quality Assurance Audits

Water Quality Management for Aquaculture

IoT Solution for Remote Monitoring of Water Quality Parameters

  • PH, TDS, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen Sensors with Gateway

  • Faster Data Driven Decisions increased Total yield by 30%

  • End to End Deployment within 2 Weeks

Smart Home Device Suite

15+ Types of Smart Home Devices built and deployed with Thingsup

  • Complete Device to Software Implementation

  • Alexa and Google Smart Home Integration

  • Deployed on Client’s Infrastructure

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Global Deployment of IoT Solution

We support all Major Public Cloud Providers to Deploy our Solutions on their Infrastructure.

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