Smart Automatic Attendance, School Bus Monitoring, Emergency SOS Alert, Student Activity Analysis, Student Safety

Smart Attendance

SmartID can log student attendance completely automatic without any human or device interaction. No more registers or swiping of RFIDs

Emergency SOS Alert

Student can alert school authorities and parents instantly with click of single button. No more parents complains about safety and making parents more connected to schools

Student and School BUS Tracking

SmartID can track individual student within school bus in real time. School Authorities and parents can get emergency alerts raised by students with exact location instantly.

Student Activities Analysis

Schools can analyze students and staffs activity inside school campus. This data analysis enables school to take necessary actions for student’s or institute’s growth.

Compatible with current ID cards

Already printed ID cards? Don’t worry, we are compatible to standard ID cards

We want to provide technology to everyone by making it low cost while maintaining high quality, reliablity and robustness