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Introducing InstaTag SmartID – School Bus Tracking – Student Safety App

School Bus Tracking | Student Safety

InstaTag SmartID is the easiest way to stay connected to your child during their commute to school. It keeps you updated with live location of the school bus with presence of your child inside bus. Along with live location of the bus, you can get to know speed of the bus and alerts if over speeded. School bus tracking works with GPS hardware unit installed in buses associated with us. Currently InstaTag SmartID is available on Google Play Store for Android Devices. It will be launched for Apple App Store very soon.


  • Now, track your child in school bus and get notified for any emergencies in Real time
  • Get school bus location in real-time, even on low network speeds with our state of the art servers.
  • Support for multiple schools and children in single app.
  • All family members can track child in with InstaTag SmartID App for free through a single account UserID

InstaTag SmartID is an exceptional example of robust and seamless hardware-software integration. The SmartID transmits its identity wirelessly therefore making us identify it without a single touch. As a result, tracking a person is seamless and without any attention, making things practically magical. GPS enabled readers fitted in school bus will track students while travelling to or from school.

Readers will communicate all SmartIDs to our Central Cloud Servers. This data can be analysed and seen live with our highly reliable Apps and Web platforms. Parents can get Live Bus location with own child presence on bus. They will get SMS when child reaches school and leaves from school.

Student can alert school authorities as well as parents within seconds by pressing SmartID Emergency Alert Button on their Identity card.This can trigger immediate actions and help. Following diagram shows our end-to-end solution therefore makes InstaTag SmartID best solution in this sector.

InstaTag SmartID Servers are hosted on Amazon Web Services, industry’s reliable and secure cloud service platform. Making our services highly robust, secure and with minimum downtime. For more details related Hardware Product, Services and Quotes.

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