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Smart Identity card to keep your Employees Safe

Employee safety | Smart Identity Card

Recent incidents of crimes like murder and rapes at workplace trigger safety alarm in Indian industries. This is raising questions on precautionary measures corporate world took to ensure employee safety. With 20% rise in reported crime, media is flooded with several cases of sexual harassment and physical assault at workplace. Along with law enforcement facilities, every aspect of society should contribute to eradicate this problem completely. As a IOT company, we considered this as our responsibility to contribute and make workplaces more safe and healthy. Our product InstaTag SmartID which is smart identity card contribute to improve employee safety.

What is SmartID?

SmartID is standard size office ID card that have SOS alert button at the center. User can press SOS button in case of emergency. On pressing SOS button, it will send emergency signal to employee’s mobile phone as well as our receivers installed at workplace. Our mobile app installed in user phone will detect this signal and send security alert to office security and pre-defined contacts of employee’s parents or relatives with employees location details.

Use with old ID cards

With compact design, it can be easily attached at bottom part of the traditional RFID access card. So no need to carry two different cards for access control and safety alert. With InstaTag Access receivers, single InstaTag SmartID can be used for access control and SOS alerts. All the communication from SmartID card to our cloud server are are secured by AES,SSL/TLS. For more detailsContact us.

Safe to Wear

Effects of radio frequency emission on body is prime concern for any wearable user. Thanks to our engineering team for putting special efforts to make SmartID regulated to emission standards. Use of SmartID does not cause any hazards to health of users.

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